Thursday 13 February 2014

Blog Content Focus Changes

As you largely know and can guess from the title of my blog, this is primarily a BSOD Debugging blog, and this will always be the primary aim of this blog. However, you as you already know I tend to post topics not directly related to debugging, and will post other topics which interest me like Theoretical Computer Science and Security.

I would like to make the following topics more abundant within my blog:

-Theoretical Computer Science
- System Security
- Windows Internals topics will be more tightly focused, which will be areas which you'll mostly need to know for debugging and security purposes.
- Debugging generally, for example looking at some of the common error messages.

I've chosen to write more things about Theoretical Computer Science, since it's something I would like to do as a career, especially the field of Quantum Computing, since it will combine my interest in Computer Science and Quantum Mechanics.

There's some great security tools which I would like to learn how to use more thoroughly, and these tools can reveal some detailed information about the operating system which isn't possible with other tools. 

I'm also working on writing the Registry Internals blog posts, but I still need to get through the few papers I have on the subject.

If anyone has any other suggestions to what they would like to see more in my blog, then please say so.

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