Monday 10 March 2014

Hiatus - Learning Mathematics

Instead of allowing my blog to completely go 'dead', I've decided to write a short post regarding my hiatus which is going to be used to improve of knowledge mathematics related to physics and computer science. The reason being is because I plan to finally go to University this September/October and study for a degree in Computer Science, and then eventually a Ph.D since I would like to research into the theory of Quantum Computing. To make things easier for myself and to give me an advantage when I do hopefully go to University, I feel it's better to learn the Mathematics beforehand since they are so crucial for a real understanding of the concepts in Theoretical Computer Science and Physics; Theoretical Physics is very mathematically orientated.

At the moment, I'm doing Business at college which isn't exactly my intended career path, but I only chose the subject since the Mathematics courses and Computing courses (more like Microsoft Office) didn't teach anything relevant to what I needed to learn. For example, at my Sixth Form (I did one year before going to college), the Maths was very statistics orientated and didn't teach much else apart from that. The physics courses were only classical mechanics and split across two campuses (two different schools were merged into one due to financial and political reasons).

So, that leaves me in the position of learning everything at home, which I've done anyway with the knowledge expressed in this blog. In a few months time I should be posting again and contributing to forums. I'll still be active on Twitter if anyone follows me.

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