Tuesday 1 October 2013

Debugging Stop 0x124 - CPU Mnemonics

Okay, we all know that Stop 0x124's are very generic and irritating bugchecks since they don't provide much information at all to be honest.

Although, this can be made easier by following reading the error mnemonics within the CPU documentation, which will provide further insight into how the error was caused. I actually learned this in I think it may have been one of Vir's quotes in one of YoYo's posts, so thanks for providing information on where to find the documentation.

You will want to download the .PDF file of Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual Volume 3: System Programming Guide, and then turn to page 2352. Here you will find the error mnemonics for the type of error, remember we can find the type of error and then decrypt it's meaning by using the !errrec extension with the second parameter of the bugcheck.

Due to size limitations in which the Snipping Tool can expand to, I've taken a screenshot of  the relevant part of the output in which the !errrec extension reads from the WHEA_ERROR_RECORD data structure.

Okay, so the error is related to a Bus Error, which is documented within the CPU Developer's Manual, each type of error has a table of mnemonics associated with it.

So, looking at the above error, we can see that the error originated from the Level 0 Cache, and the error was sourced by from the processor itself (the CPU raised the flag for the error, hence the Machine Check Exception in the first parameter). The error was a generic no timeout error, occurring within the processor number 0 and memory bank 0. The M indicates that something was accessing the data stored within the cache when the error happened.

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