Thursday 27 June 2013

Learning Debugging Resources

Right, I'm been reading some great resources on Windows Debugging, and the internals of the Windows operating system. Remember my 5 learning tips? I still feel it's very important to understand the mechanics of the operating system when debugging, especially when we usually tend to only have Kernel-based dump files to work with.

Okay, so enough of the chatter, and let's get some debugging resources written up for you to enjoy:

MSDN Library (Debugging) -

MSDN Library (Drivers) -

MSDN Blogs (NT Debugging) -

Mark Russinovich’s Blog -

Channel 9 | Defrag Tools (Debugging Videos) -

OSR Online (Drivers/Debugging) -

There's many resources out there, which are free and available to use, so get searching and reading about debugging, driver development and operating system mechanisms.

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